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Coaching Resources 2017

Hi Everyone. My name is Craig Etchells and I am the Coaching Co-ordinator for Berkeley Vale Soccer Club. As most people will know, there is a huge amount of coaching resources available online which can be a big help when it comes to adding knowledge to your coaching. However, it's easy to get bogged down in sifting through all the information that's out there. This is why I recommend using the free FFA coaching resources as the place to start to get organised and ultimately to become a better coach. By doing this you will not only save time but you will learn some of the FFA coaching curriculum which is what all FFA courses are based on.

The first resource which really is the FFA bible is the 'National Curriculum' (see links below):

FFA National Cuuriculum

The accompanying document used for C licence coaching courses which is great reading to increase your coaching knowledge is the 'The Football Coaching Process' (see link below):

The Football Coaching Process

These two above resources are hefty documents and you may not want to get into them right away or at all. The following resources are taken from or links located within these documents and are directed to having, fast access to coaching information and session plans that you can access and use quickly and easily. The first excerpt is the FFA Building Blocks. This breaks down each phase of football development and provides information and session plans. This is a great place to start developing your knowledge and resources. (see link below):

FFA Building Blocks

The FFA has divided youth and player development into 4 different groups. 1. Discovery Phase (Ages 6-9), 2. Skills Acquisition Phase (Ages 10-13), Game Training Phase (ages 14-17) and Performance Phase (Ages 17+). The links for session plans for each phase are below:

Discovery Phase
Skills Acquistion Phase
Game Training Phase
Performance Phase

I have further broken down some of the FFA resources into age appropriate PDFs for youth coaches which you can simply download and use for all your session plans. The more experienced coaches may simply tweak some sessions to best suit their team or you can just use the session plans as they are and never be stressed on what your team is working on that training session knowing that you are following FFA coaching resources and providing a positive impact into your players development.

Discovery Phase
Skill Acquisition
Training Phase

I am adding to my coaching resources all the time and I can't share all that information here. If anyone wants additional information or help please contact me so I can assist you. Lastly, I encourage all coaches to complete age appropriate coaching course when they come up. We will send all coaches information when they are scheduled. They will improve your knowledge and make you a better coach. If you want to get more information on FFA coaching courses please look at below link: Coaching Courses

Kind Regards Craig Etchells